Child Custody Modifications

The Most Common Reasons for Modification

Individual's lives constantly change and alter. There is no reason to feel guilty when asking for a modification of child custody or child support. If you are considering changes to a child custody arrangement, it is important to hire a lawyer before taking any step forward. From the beginning of the process, it is important to retain legal guidance from a board-certified family lawyer. If your current arrangement is not working for you or the children, a change may be in order.

Many families have to modify custodies for reasons like:

  • one parent moves to another location
  • significant change in lifestyle occurs, such as a work schedule
  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol by one parent
  • domestic violence

As a Jacksonville child custody attorney, I can assist you in fighting for the modifications that you are hoping for.

Modifying Child Support in Jacksonville, FL

A request for child support can also be made in certain circumstances. Florida child support laws give certain reasons that a shift in child support can be made. It can be confusing to try to work out a child support modification agreement on one's own. If you are experiencing one of the following circumstances, I can help you request a modification:

  • Loss of employment or decrease of income
  • Increase in health insurance cost
  • Change of living arrangements
  • Change in support requirements of children

Child support agreements are established to help children have a purposeful life, even after their parent's divorce. If you need to request a modification of child support or child custody, it is vital to enlist the help of my firm. It is best to have legal guidance through this process because it is a legal process. Contact my firm at your earliest convenience for assistance.

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