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Property division can be one of the most highly contested issues in divorce. If you have accumulated significant assets for yourself throughout the course of your marriage, then you may greatly desire to retain as much as possible. There are also many cases where significant debt is accumulated in a marriage and it is important that you understand the implications of debt division in the situation that you face. Florida is an equitable distribution state which means that the marital property will be divided equally amongst the divorcing parties.

The marital property includes both assets and debts that have been accumulated during the course of a marriage. If you are facing divorce, then you may receive an equal portion of the marital property, this includes assets as well as the various debts that have been accumulated. The debts that you could expect to incur in full or in part may include the following among others:

  • Home mortgage
  • Credit card debt
  • Home equity lines of credit
  • Car loans
  • Hospital bills

If you are facing divorce where you could incur a significant amount of debt, then you need to seek the help of a Jacksonville divorce lawyer who can help you navigate through this process skillfully.

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As a Jacksonville family law attorney, I have the experience that you need on your side in order to effectively pursue the results that you need for your future. I have over two decades of experience in practicing law, I have been serving the residents of Jacksonville, Florida in various family law matters for a number of years, and you can count on me to put all of this experience to work for you. Contact my office today to discuss your situation and to retain the legal assistance that you need in your case.

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