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Can you benefit from arbitration in a divorce?

There are times when two spouses in a divorce are able to come to an amicable agreement regarding the terms of divorce and part ways without contention. Even with the best intentions, a divorcing couple may not agree on certain terms, such as property or debt division, support and custody. In these cases, it's possible that arbitration is a solution to resolve these matters and avoid a trial.

At Charles E. Willmott, P.A., I take great care with each and every client who is facing divorce and focus my efforts on seeking the best possible outcome. If arbitration is a good option, I assist my clients in choosing an Arbitrator who will facilitate the divorce process.

Divorce Arbitration as an Alternative to Trial

Arbitration is a tool that can be used to help two people finalize divorce terms when they hit an impasse. It allows the couple to find closure without the necessity of facing an expensive trial and the stress involved in litigation. It is a private proceeding involving the spouses, their attorneys, and the chosen Arbitrator.

Another advantage to arbitration is that the spouses are able to choose the arbitrator, as well as when and where it will take place. They can also control how the arbitration will be conducted and the length of time the arbitrator has to submit a decision. After reviewing all the relevant information regarding the dispute(s), the arbitrator will make his decision known, called an award. In most cases, this decision is final and is not subject to appeal.

I have successfully helped many clients achieve their goals when divorce proceedings reach a stalemate. Arbitration is an excellent option and both parties are involved. I give all my clients the respect and help they deserve in divorce, arbitration and other types of alternative dispute resolution. Contact my firm for compassionate, high quality legal representation.

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