Postnuptial Agreements in Jacksonville, FL

Securing Your Future

A postnuptial agreement is a contract formed after a couple gets married. It purposes in settling affairs and assets in case a divorce arises. It contains similar contents to a premarital agreement but also lists provisions for property distribution and alimony. The primary difference between the two is that a postnuptial agreement can be executed after a marriage has begun. If you are already married, a divorce attorney can help you draft this agreement based on how you desire your assets to be divided in the case of a divorce. Its purpose is to give both parties peace of mind that can solve any of their concerns involving divorce. These are not mandatory agreements but can be beneficial for those who are unsure whether the marriage will last.

When is a postnuptial agreement beneficial?

At the first sign of a rocky relationship, it could be beneficial to obtain a postnuptial agreement. This agreement can be made between the couple if they have reason to believe that their marriage could be in trouble. It is for individuals who are not sure it "forever" is a possibility for their marriage. If you feel that a postnuptial agreement could benefit you, feel free to discuss your situation with one of my firm's Jacksonville divorce lawyers.

Individuals with marital problems are often unsure what they would do if divorce must be enacted. Both spouses should be aware of how they could respond in the context of marriage dissolution. Especially if children are involved, marriage can be a very frightening experience. There are many questions that may arise if looking into obtaining a postnuptial agreement. I can provide for your entire family, so call today to end the stress and worry concerning marriage. These agreements can reduce your concerns with the future. Secure your future by contacting my firm today to find out if a postnuptial agreement is right for you!

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