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In most situations, it is vital that both parents remain a significant part of their child's life. When it comes to child custody, most courts favor the option of joint custody. The goal is to have a parenting plan that allows the child to spend ample amounts of quality time with both parents. When sole custody is awarded to one party, the other individual will typically receive visitation rights. This is an allowance to spend designated time with their children. Sole custody is awarded when one member is observed as more suitable to care for the child than the other parent.

The visitation schedule should be designed to accord with both parent's schedules so that the custodial parent is not inconvenienced by the court order. If you have reason to believe that the other parent is unsuitable to even be around your child, you have the ability to request that the visitation times be supervised and limited. As a Jacksonville divorce lawyer, I can help you prepare a case to ensure that you can obtain visitation rights.

Are you seeking visitation rights in Jacksonville, FL?

If you are the party seeking visitation rights, you will have to prove to the court that you possess the ability to care for the child during your designated visitation times. You will also have to show that visitation will be beneficial to your child or children. It is important to be prepared with a strong and valid case when appearing to the court. You can also, in time, prove yourself capable and reputable enough to have the schedule revised, or modified, in your favor. Each case will have to be uniquely addressed by the court, and through an assessment of the child's best interest, visitation rights can be determined. By enlisting the help of one of my firm's Jacksonville divorce lawyers, you can have the maximum possibility of receiving visitation rights.

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