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Military families have specific needs that have to be met when they are undergoing a divorce. Divorce is never an easy situation, but when one individual is on active duty, it could prove to be even more difficult than a typical civilian divorce.

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attorneyWhy Work With My Firm?

I put a significant amount of effort into helping military members and their spouses undergo a divorce to make it as smooth of a process as possible. I am a board-certified Jacksonville divorce lawyer who has proudly developed the capability and experience to handle military divorces.

I support military members and their spouses through each step of the process and stage of the divorce, no matter his or her rank or branch of service.

What issues are unique to a military divorce?

A military divorce is difficult when compared to a typical situation. That is because there are many laws, both state and federally, that apply. These specific laws are designed to protect military members while they are serving.

The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) (SCRA) was designed to protect service members against default judgments so that they are not in a divorce without being aware that proceedings have begun. Also, the active duty member must be personally served with the summons. I can help you protect your rights and the rights of your family members by making sure that proper calculations of support were made. When it comes to child support, there are also several rights I can protect.

In order to obtain a divorce in this state, one of the spouses must reside in Florida and the active duty spouse must be stationed in Florida. Property division also has specific rules when the situation involves a military family. My office can help your family undergo a military divorce. I can answer questions and provide guidance as to what to do if you are deployed and served with divorce papers. You will need guidance on how to protect your retirement benefits and understand what you are entitled to under the 20/20/20 rule. These benefits and the rules governing a military divorce can be discussed by my firm. The 20/20/20 full benefits rule includes former spouses of service members. These individuals are entitled to all military benefits, including access to medical care, commissaries and military exchanges.

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Military benefits are not understood by all Jacksonville divorce attorneys. It is a specific area that requires special attention. There is a unique procedure that must be taken to protect your rights to a survivor benefit plan. Retirement benefits are especially important to know about and understand. My office can help you if you are out of the state or country by communicating through email or over the phone. I can also discuss the option of your appearance at court hearings through a phone call. Call a Jacksonville divorce lawyers today to protect your rights!

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