What You Need to Know About Relocation and Divorce in Jacksonville, Florida

Relocating your children before, during, and after a divorce is something that you really should talk to a Jacksonville Board Certified Divorce lawyer about before you move. You can read the Florida Statute regarding relocation here. As you can see, the statute is not easy to understand if you are not a divorce lawyer and most people going through a divorce do not even know that it exists. The bottom line is that you can get in trouble with the divorce judge, damage your divorce case, or ruin your chances to move or keep the other parent from moving if you do not understand that law in advance of the problem. As a board certified divorce expert lawyer, I can meet with you for a free consultation to discuss helping you try to relocate with your children as well as helping you to try and keep your children from moving away I represent both men and women and your concerns are my concerns.

If you are the parent who is trying to move away to provide a better life for your children, we can discuss:

1) How the move may affect your chances of having custody of your children or being the majority timesharing parent;

2) How to apply for the relocation and how to consider new visitation or timesharing for the other parent, including transportation and its costs;

3) How the other parent's lack of involvement or payment ofsupport impacts the relocation; and

4) What we can do on a temporary basis if we need to expedite your move.

If you are the parent who desparately seeks to keep the close and loving relationship that you have with your children, we can discuss:

1) How we can act fast to prevent the other parent from moving away;

2) How we can ask the Court to change custody or majority timesharing if the other parent does move;

3) How to present your case to the divorce judge so that they understand your involvement as a parent and provider; and

4) How the other parent's preventing you from having contact and access to your children or involving you in decisions affecting the children can impact your case.

If you are a military spouse or military member and this is amilitary divorce, you have come to the right place. Special laws, concerns, and solutions apply to military families and we can dicuss:

1) How deployments and changes of duty stations affect custody or timesharing for both the service member and the spouse; and

2) Relocating with a new spouse who is a military member and how that affects custody or timesharing.

In short, if you are thinking about relocating and are getting a divorce, thinking about divorce, or already divorced; call me for a free consultation today. Also; if this is before, during, or after a divorce and the other parent is trying to move away; call me and I can give you the benefit of my divorce advice from 17 years of helping folks getting a divorce just like you so that we can do what is best for your children. I practice in St. Johns, Duval, Nassau, Clay, and Baker counties. If you need me, I am here for you. It costs nothing to talk to me, but could cost you a great deal without the right advice.


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