Contested Divorce in Jacksonville, FL

What is the difference between contested & uncontested divorce?

  • Florida is a no-fault divorce state which means that a divorce can be granted on one of two grounds:
  • The marriage is irretrievably broken
  • One spouse suffers from mental incapacity

Generally, when a divorce is filed on the ground of irretrievable breakdown, this opens up the opportunity for the other spouse to deny that the marriage is broken. When this occurs, then there is said to be a contested divorce. Another way for contested divorce to occur is when an agreement cannot be reached regarding division of assets, or when another element cannot be agreed on.

Whenever there is a disagreement regarding whether or not a divorce is desired, there are various options that the court has to proceed with the divorce, or to order an alternative. When there is a dispute regarding the terms of divorce, the couple involved will have various opportunities to resolve these disputes before the court will make a decision on their behalf.

If you are facing a contested divorce scenario, then you need a skilled litigator from an attorney on your side who can relentless fight for your best interests in the courtroom.

How Long Does a Contested Divorce Take in Florida?

While its counterpart, an uncontested divorce, may take only four to five weeks, a contested divorce may take upwards of six months to a year, sometimes even longer. It really just depends on how many issues the court needs to have resolved before making it final. Some counties may be busier than others, as well as having limited judges. This can also have a big effect on the duration of divorce.

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