Can My Spouse Own My Business After a Divorce?

There are many factors which must be considered and discussed when two people decide to get married and make a life-long commitment to each other. For example if either party has a substantial estate, owns a significant amount of property or is a business owner, he or she might want to weigh the benefits which can be had through a prenuptial agreement. A pre- or even postnuptial agreement can not only help protect an individual's assets during the course of the marriage, but more importantly it could help protect those assets in the event that the marriage comes to an unfortunate end. This is particularly important when an individual's personal business and livelihood may be at stake.

Going through a divorce can be a very emotional, yet eye-opening experience. No matter how civilized you expect negotiations to be when it comes to the division of your marital assets and property, having an aggressive divorce lawyer who is committed to helping you protect your assets and defending your rights is vital. Even if it seems you are ending your marriage on relatively good terms, when push comes to shove you could find yourself fighting to retain assets that are rightfully yours. One such asset could be your personal business or a family-owned business that you inherited. Losing even a portion of that business to your ex-spouse could prove devastating. Not only would you stand to lose your control over its successful operations, but you could be faced with a substantial loss of income as a result.

If you do not wish to have your spouse own a portion of your business after your divorce, regardless of whether or not you started the business prior to the marriage or during the course of the marriage, it is strongly advised that you obtain legal counsel from Charles A. Willmott, P.A. right away. His firm has years of experience helping clients navigate through the complex divorce process. His commitment stems from his understanding of how important a business can be to an individual and his steadfast determination has helped many people retain their business after a divorce. While he is well aware that there are a number of factors that go into determining the division of assets in a divorce, you can count on him to do everything possible to protect your business and see to it that it is protected for generations to come. Contact a Jacksonville divorce lawyer at his firm to find out how he may be able to help you.

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