How I Can Help You With Your Jacksonville Divorce

If you need a Jacksonville divorce lawyer, I am sure that you are overwhelmed. Who should you trust? Should you ask other people who they used for their divorce? Should you go by who has the first, nicest, or biggest ad? If they have the biggest ad, they must have a lot of money and so they must be good, right? Well, here is the secret information that you need to know. If I was looking for another lawyer to do some work for me, I would find two or three board certified lawyer in that field and go and speak to them about my case. That always is why I pick a board certified doctor. I figure the other doctors or the organizations who certify doctors must know better than my neighbor or the person I work with who is one of the "best" divorce lawyer in Jacksonville. If someone else I knew used them, that would be great, but that should not be the only factor. Everyone's personality and case is different and the Jacksonville divorce lawyer that may be right for someone else may not be right for you. That is why it is free to speak to me about your divorce case. I do not want you feeling like to have to spend money just to see if we are a good fit for your divorce case. I am happy to speak to you and see if I can help.

Here is why you should hire me:

1. I am Board Certified by the Florida Bar as an expert in divorce and family law. Being board certified means that a divorce lawyer has been recommended by local divorce judges and other divorce lawyer as an expert in that field. That divorce attorney also had to take a full day exam on every aspect of divorce and family law in order to qualify. Lastly, that Jacksonville divorce lawyer's experience and qualifications had to be approved by a Florida Bar committee before even being allowed to take the exam. Is all that a big deal? Look at how many divorce lawyer there are and then look at how many of them are board certified in divorce. That should tell you something.

2. The lawyer that takes your money is the lawyer who handles your case. I am a sole practitioner who has been doing this for almost twenty years. That means that when you hire me, you get me. I am with you every step of the way whether in court, on the phone, or in the office. I do not take your money and then pawn you off on the divorce lawyer who just graduated from law school. And we do not have any marketing gimmicks, we represent people who need help in divorce from all walks of life.

3. I only do divorce and family law. I am not a legal "handyman" who tries to do everything. I am a board certified expert in just one thing- taking care of your divorce.

4. I will always tell you the truth, even if you do not want to hear it. If I cannot get it for you, I never tell you that I can. Some divorce lawyer will say anything or make unreasonable promises about your divorce case. You can tell the truth because it is usually what you do not want to hear. The only promises that I can make to you is to work hard, give you my best, and try to keep the fees reasonable.

5. Lastly, I do everything the way that I like it done- right now! I strive to return phone calls the same day or the next morning and if I tell you that I am going to file something or do something- I do it!

Now, do my clients always "win" and do they always get everything that they want? I wish I could say yes but no divorce lawyer could ever say that and not be lying. Many divorce lawyer always want to say that they are "aggressive". Animals are aggressive. You want a lawyer who knows the law, knows how to present your case based on your facts, and who is honest with you about your case. I sometimes do need to show my "fangs", but my focus is professional representation. The rest is just show that often does not produce any results.

If you have a divorce in Baker, Duval, St. Johns, Clay, or Nassau counties, please feel free to call me today for your free consultation. I am here to help.

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