Examining Attorney Willmott's Successful Cases of 2013

Charles E. Willmott, the Jacksonville divorce lawyer at our firm, has represented a number of contentious family law cases since the start of this year. With more than two decades of legal experience, however, there is no case too difficult for Mr. Willmott to successfully resolve. For this reason, our firm thought that it was important to highlight some of the hard-earned victories that he has obtained thus far in 2013. Below you will find a list of some of the most notable cases that he has handled this year, but we encourage you to contact the firm directly if you are interested in procuring more specific information and/or finding out how Mr. Willmott can help to resolve your family law matters in Jacksonville, Florida.

  • Judge ruled in favor of Attorney Willmott's client in an alimony case – the couple was involved in a short-term marriage and the wife was guilty of adultery, so no alimony was granted.

  • Attorney Willmott secured a 40% timesharing plan for a military client – he can see his children frequently and he only has to pay about half of the child support that was anticipated.

  • Attorney Willmott retained alimony for a former military spouse – the husband had filed a modification action to terminate alimony payments, but the judge ruled in favor of the wife.

  • Attorney Willmott settled a difficult divorce through mediation – secured an adequate amount of child support for his client, since the father's payments had previously been irregular.

  • Attorney Willmott filed a successful contempt action – the husband had refused to pay alimony or attorney fees and failed to provide his former wife with her share of his federal retirement.

  • Attorney Willmott obtained an injunction for his client – the father of her children had threated to harm her and flee with the children to another state on two separate occasions.

  • Attorney Willmott secured a paid-for marital home for his client – the couple was involved in a short-term marriage and the wife was taking on the responsibility of caring for their child.

  • Attorney Willmott favorably settled a divorce on behalf of the wife – the husband did not want to pay child support, but still wanted to see the children whenever he wanted.

If you are currently undergoing a contentious divorce or you are interested in settling a complex family law matter in Jacksonville, FL, our firm encourages you to get in touch with Attorney Charles E. Willmott today. Not only can he offer you more than nearly 30 years of experience, but he can provide you with the aggressive legal representation that you will need. Call the firm today at (904) 849-5183 or submit a free case evaluation form directly from our website to learn more.

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