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When you are considering divorce, you need an attorney who has a vast understanding of the process in order to help you. You want someone who is compassionate, caring and knowledgeable. Without these qualities, a lawyer may enter your divorce case uninformed or treat you as just another case file. At Charles E. Willmott, P.A. you will never be disregarded as just another client. Instead you will be treated as an individual with a very specific need. Whether you need assistance with your alimony debate, or want an advocate to go to court and argue for your father’s rights or grandparent’s rights Attorney Willmott can help. He is also willing to handle high net worth divorces which entail property divisions.

You can also ask for Attorney Willmott’s help if you are considering relocation and want to know how it will affect your visitation. You may also want legal assistance if you need to come up with a parenting plan or if you are currently dealing with a domestic violence situation. Attorney Willmott also assists those that need help with their child support negotiations and those that need to draft a prenuptial agreement or a postnuptial agreement. If you choose this Jacksonville divorce firm, you can be sure that your lawyer and the staff will stick with you throughout the entire process. If you decide that you need a divorce settlement modification later on, then you can be sure that Attorney Willmott will be willing to represent you. He can also come alongside you if your spouse is failing to pay the mandated child support or spousal support payments and you need him to advocate for court enforcement.

There are many reasons why Attorney Willmott is a lawyer worth hiring, but one of the greatest reasons that you may want to consider hiring him is because he is Board Certified. Unlike passing the state bar exam, board certification is not a requirement. Attorneys can choose to seek board certification if they deem it necessary to do so. This often takes extra studying and work. Attorneys that are board certified in the state of Florida are required to stay up-to-date on the current laws of the state and demonstrate experience before a board of reviewers. They are also required to pass a written examination and fulfill various educational requirements. Before they are granted certification, these attorneys are required to undergo evaluation by other attorneys and judges. Because this process is rigorous, board certification is a rare thing.

When you are looking for an attorney that you can trust, you want someone with the rare and impressive qualifications that you know you can handle. You will want someone who can prepare marital settlement agreements and parenting plans and draft pre- and postnuptial agreements. You also want someone who can mediation for you in the midst of an argument and negotiate a variety of different issues. Attorney Willmott has displayed his hard work and love for law by becoming board certified by the Florida Bar Committee. He would not have accomplished this goal if he did not have over nearly 30 years of experience in the area of family law and a unique competence which allowed him to pass the written examination. Attorney Willmott’s board certification attributes to his professionalism and helps potential clients to see that he means business.

In addition to being board certified, Attorney Willmott is licensed to practice in the Supreme Court of the United States. Only hardworking and impressive lawyer are able to achieve this privilege. He is also licensed to practice law in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the United State Federal Court for the Middle District of Florida. He is licensed to practice by the Florida Bar, and is a Florida Supreme Court certified Family Law Mediator. As well, he used to be a South Judicial Circuit Social Investigator. This former position has helped him to gain invaluable information about family law and learn what to look for when investigating a divorce, domestic violence, or abuse situation.

As well, Attorney Willmott has served as the Master in the Florida Family Law Inn of Court is the former chairman of the Family Law Section of the Jacksonville Bar Association. He was also on the Executive Council for the Florida Family Law Inn of Court and is constantly working on domestic violence, support issues, mediation, and legal education committees. If you want to learn more about this accomplished and impressive lawyer, then you can look him up on Avvo. Attorney Willmott has an 8.4 “Excellent” rating on a scale of 1-10. He has been praised as a trustworthy, honest, dependable, professional and expert lawyer by those who have worked with him over the years. Many clients say that Attorney Willmott kept them informed throughout the process and is responsive to their questions. Attorney Willmott has been praised for his discernment in cases and he is a member in good standing with the Florida State Bar.

He has also created a variety of small pamphlets and informational materials for men and women who are going through divorce. He has spoken at a variety of legal and divorce conferences over the years and offered his opinion on a variety of committees and boards. Check out Attorney Willmott’s profile on Yelp, or follow him on Facebook or Twitter. If you are interested in hiring a board certified lawyer to take on your case, then you can call the firm at (904) 849-5183. You can also contact the firm by using the e-mail sidebar on the website to send a message. You will hear back shortly about you case and a legal professional will be able to explain to you the different options that you have. You can also visit the firm at 425 North Liberty Street Jacksonville, FL 32202. Don’t hesitate to contact the firm today if you need information about divorce or another family law issue and want a professional Board Certified attorney.

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