A Word of Caution About SGLI Insurance and Support

Servicemember's Group Life Insurance is often used as security for child support and alimony obligations by many Jacksonville divorce lawyer. It is inexpensive and easily available to service members. For example, if the service member dies, the person to whom child support or alimony was being paid would be the beneficiary of the insurance up to the amount stated in the court order. This is standard in many court orders. However, if the service member changes the beneficiary after the divorce and then dies, the person who was court-ordered to be the beneficiary may never receive any money. This is because the Courts have ruled that federal military law takes precedence over state divorce law. Federal law says the service member can name anyone they want to be the beneficiary. Unlike a private insurance policy, the SGLI proceeds cannot be touched by the court-ordered beneficiary if the beneficiary was changed after the divorce and the service member dies. If you are the beneficiary of child support or alimony, you should insist upon a private insurance policy to avoid this risk. Service members risk being held in contempt by the state court if they do not comply with court orders by changing the beneficiary.

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