What You Need to Know About Child Support in Florida

Most people (including some attorneys and judges) believe that child support is a number set by a formula that a person must pay no matter what the circumstances are in their case. Jacksonville board certified divorce lawyer are tested by the Florida Bar on every Florida divorce law and rule of procedure that you can imagine. They are not even allowed to take the exam unless they have passed a peer and judicial review for the highest levels of professionalism and ethics. When you are represented by a board certified divorce lawyer like myself, you could have a great advantage over most other lawyer who do not fully understand the child support statutes. I know this because I have taught many of the Jacksonville divorce lawyer how to calculate child support since 2002 and have been surprised on many occasions by lawyer missing opportunities to save their clients money. Even minor adjustments to timesharing, tax exemptions, classification of taxable and non-taxable income, transportation, and other equitable considerations can result in savings in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year. The right board certified attorney will know your judge and your circumstances in such a way as to properly present your case to the Court in order to attempt to achieve these savings. So long as the Judge makes written findings about why they are adjusting your child support, all of these adjustments are proper and provided for in the law. You can read the Florida Statute here. Of course, these adjustments can work both ways and also perhaps result in more support being paid when the circumstances require. Military pay is probably the most often misunderstood pay when used to factor child support. I cannot give away all of my secrets about how to adjust child support here, but call today for your free consultation and let's talk about how I can help.

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