What You Need To Know About Alimony in Jacksonville, Florida

Alimony is more of an art than it is a science. With child support, we often can break it down to each parties' incomes and the amount of time that each parent shares with the child to give us a good estimate of what the Jacksonville divorce court will do. Not so with alimony. Alimony can depend upon the length of the marriage; the age, income, and employment history of each party; who your Jacksonville divorce judge is, and many other circumstances too numerous to mention. You can read the statute here and see for yourself the complexity of the factors. Many cases require the special experience of a board certified Jacksonville divorce lawyer to secure or defend against an alimony award. Then, it is not enough to determine whether or not an alimony award is warranted, your lawyer has to determine the correct type of alimony for your particular needs (or how to defend against paying that particular alimony). Military divorces may have special considerations.

Some Jacksonville divorce lawyers do not understand the subtle variations of each alimony type, the tax implications, and how to present your case to a particular divorce judge. There is more to it than just presenting testimony. Consider this: your mother can tell you all of the ingredients of her secret recipe, but your dish does not taste like Mom's. Why? Because Mom knows not only how to combine those ingredients to make it taste good, she has adjusted her recipe over the years to be exactly the way that you like it. The facts that are important to one judge are not necessarily important to another divorce judge. That is why you should only trust your case to a board certified Jacksonville divorce lawyer as the difference often is not only knowledge, but experience.

Are you going to pay or receive alimony? That is a question only your board certified Jacksonville divorce lawyer can answer after discussing all of the facts with you, but the longer that you are married and the bigger the disparity of your incomes, the more alimony exposure there is in a divorce case. Length of the marriage also largely determines which type of alimony you receive. The structured settlement of your assets or property can affect the award as well. It is best to call me today for your free consultation to give you a better estimate based upon your particular facts.


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