What is the Cost of a Family Lawyer in Jacksonville, FL?

The exact cost to have legal representation from a family lawyer in Jacksonville will vary greatly from case to case, and firm to firm. No two cases or law firms are the same. Family law cases can involve numerous parties and some cases may require extensive preparation, negotiations with the opposing attorney, or will require several court appearances. An uncontested divorce requires very little case preparation, whereas a contested or high net worth divorce could require significant time and energy, and the assistance of experts.

A divorce in which there is a prenuptial agreement in place may lead to a court challenge, or could move ahead smoothly. If a father's rights or grandparents' rights are the legal issue being addressed, based upon the circumstances, the ages of the children, and the facts involved, the process may be fairly lengthy, or could be resolved within a reasonable period of time. When legal complications or challenges arise, a resolution may require that additional actions are undertaken to protect the interests and rights of the client.

At Charles E. Willmott, P.A. you can rely on the fact that his firm will do everything possible to help you achieve your objectives. As a highly-trained, board certified Jackson divorce lawyer, with close to nearly 30 years experience in all types of divorce and family law issues, Mr. Willmott works diligently to see that his clients' rights and interests are protected. The simplicity or complexity of the case is not the significant point – the critical issue is getting results. He does not extend any family law legal matter unnecessarily, and keeps your costs as low as possible.

For clients who are not in a financial position to easily afford legal fees, yet should not be forced to hire less qualified legal counsel or forego representation, he can help advise you about some financial options you may wish to pursue. One such option is "fee shifting" as per Florida Statute §61.16, which allows the court to require one party to pay an equitable amount of the other party's legal fees and expenses. If you are in need of a family lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, contact his firm for more information.

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