Can I Put My Divorce on Hold If I've Already Filed?

Couple is sitting outside and discussing divorceConsequences to Filling for Divorce

The truth is, there are always consequences to filing for divorce. While many couples find that they have made the right decision when legally ending their marriage, others are unsure of whether or not divorce is, in fact, the right choice. In some cases, a couple may decide to reconcile even after the divorce papers have been filed. Fortunately, the family court system in Florida has made it fairly easy for divorcing couples to put these proceedings on hold or even stop them completely when one or both parties have decided that they are not ready to put a permanent end to their marriage. In fact, it is usually as easy as filing one simple form.

Motion to Abate

If a couple decides they would like to work on their marriage, they can file a Motion to Abate, which puts a hold on a divorce between 60 and 90 days, depending on the county. A couple can file a Motion to Abate to take some time and work on their marriage.

During that time, the couple can seek marriage counseling or make any other important decisions as to the future of the marriage. If the couple decides to move forward with divorce, they can file a Motion to Continue. If they decide to stay together, they would file a Motion to Voluntarily Dismiss the Dissolution Proceedings. This would effectively close the case, as if the divorce was never filed in the first place.

Filling Fees

Should the couple find themselves at the brink of divorce yet again, however, they would need to start from the very beginning. This means that they would even need to pay a new filing fee—which is typically around $400. For this reason, most Jacksonville divorce attorney would recommend that you choose wisely. Divorce is inevitably difficult, but you may save yourself time and money if you are sure of your decision before filing.

Fortunately, you do not have to go through it alone. When you turn to the knowledgeable legal team at Charles E. Willmott, P.A. for guidance, you can trust that you will receive nothing less than honest and straight-forward advice from our Jacksonville divorce lawyer. Having represented countless family law cases in Florida, Mr. Willmott understands just how difficult this experience can be. For this reason, you can rest assured that he will be by your side every step of the way.

Whether you have yet to file for divorce or you are interested in putting an active divorce on hold, our dedicated legal team is here to help. Call today at (904) 849-5183 to learn more.

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